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International Symposium "Dolphin acoustics, behavior and cognition"

Date: 2nd, Feb 2014 (SUN) 10:00 – 17:30

Free of charge

Location : Shizuoka Convention & Arts Center “GRANSHIP” Room #910





Host:       Tokai University Institute of Innovative Science and Technology

Co-host:  Institute of Oceanic Research and Development, Tokai University
                School of Marine Science and Technology, Tokai University

Sponsor:  JST Program “Disseminate Tenure Tracking System”


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10:00 Opening Remarks

10:10 "Studying bottlenose dolphin communication: challenges and discoveries from the wild"

               Vincent M Janik (Univ. St Andrews)

11:00 "Insights into the complex communication system of the common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)"

               Laela S Sayigh (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

12:00 - 13:00 Lunch & Poster viewing

13:00 "Sound exchanges in dolphins"

               Fumio Nakahara (Tokiwa Univ.)

13:30 "Convergence of biosonar behavior in dolphins and bats"

               Tomonari Akamatsu (NRIFE, FRA)

14:00 "Sound evolution in toothed whales"

               Tadamichi Morisaka (Tokai Univ.)

14:30 - 14:45 Break

14:45 "Social touch and synchronous behavior in dolphins"

                Mai Sakai (Tokai Univ.)

15:15 "Comparative cognition in chimpanzees and dolphins"

                Masaki Tomonaga (Kyoto Univ.)

15:45 - 17:20

            Poster session for marine mammal studies

17:20 - 17:30 Closing Remarks


We will have a party after the symposium (with fee).

If you are interested in joining the party, please ask Tadamichi Morisaka using the SUBMISSION FORM or email.


Submission for Poster presentation

Deadline : 24th, Jan

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